Monday, November 07, 2005

I have just submited my last assignment today. What a relief! It has been 5 days since our geography package was handed in. I can imagine our tutor slogging away in his office, poring over 20 hetrerogeneous submissions... Good luck, Voyager!

Because of the hectic pace of assignments and some things happening on the family front, I fell sick. My last few assignments had the benefit of me working in a feverish condition. Therefore, fortunately or unfortunately, everything made crystal clear sense. I went to the doctor yesterday, and still delirous with the "elephant traquilizer" medication and the flu bug, I forgot to register for my elective module (yes, that module which all of us should have signed up for last week). So now, i've gotten the "Computer Supported Collaborative Learning" module, which is totally not suited for a tech idiot like me. Well- cross my heart and hope to pass.

This post isn't just about me. :) I would like to thank my geog class for their zany company and guidance. And many thanks to Voyager for his advice.

I have promised myself time to rest. Therefore, I will NOT be touching the PC for one week. A well deserved rest for trigger happy fingers. A good rest to all! :)


Blogger S W said...

Oh dear, pls take care my dear girl. And yes, no pc and no work for you! Must rest rest well.

And oh, I got the same module as well, because I was distracted by animals on tele and totally forgot. Me, a techno idiot also. :P


12:29 AM  
Blogger jenny said...

oh dear pls take care! holidays are just around the corner, pls make sure you get well soon cos u deserve a GOOD break! :) happy holidays!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Hermit said...

Hey CY!

SO sorry!!! I didn't call u to check if u got ur module or not... sigh... but it's ok cos i heard from many of the others that by 9.01am, many of the more popular modules were snapped up already.

The system is total crap anyway. I hope the new module would be manageable... sigh...

Take care gal! :)

6:14 AM  

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