Wednesday, October 05, 2005

PTM and BananaSaviour and Georocks

I have been reading this book, Teacher Well- Being by Elizabeth Holmes, and she mentions the following questions we can ask ourselves as teachers:

How active is listening in the school?
Who feels heard and unheard in the school?
What opportunities are there for discussion and debate?
Is emotional literacy given a high priority in planning?
What are the predominant teaching and learning styles?
What is actively done to empower the formation of good relationships?

I think the above questions are relevant for the PTM-- becuase in the examples that Voyager has mentioned as well as in the rounds at my table, I feel that listening did not play a very important part. Basically, what I felt was that most of us (myself included) were on the defensive because we were not sure of what the other party would react, and because our conversations not only had to embody the prescribed character traits, we were also required to take and maintain a particular stand because of those traits. It is strange that in such an emotionally demanding job such as teaching,we are not formally taught on how to be emotionally literate. Basically, for the PTM, we were screaming to be heard, lah.

About bananasaviour and the slashing incident-- our PTM did influence my decision somewhat. I felt that bananasaviour handled it well-- if she was amused, she did not show it. :P She was firm-- she confiscated the instrument instead of telling the child to stop. She also allowed another student to accompany the child to the toilet so that she will not be up to more mischief, i hope. I think that she is a very sensitive teacher. Despite the small pockets of rebellion in the class, she was firm and understanding. She did not humiliate anyone because he or she misbehaved or could not understand the lesson.

If a sudent has been cutting himself or herself over a period of time, would a teacher wait until it was the PTM to inform the parent? A colleague told me that when there is a possibility of a child's safety to be compromised because of our inaction, then we must surely inform their parents. If it were my form class, I will pray hard that I will not wait until it is too late. But for newcomers like us, it is difficult for us to identify the action as well as acknowledge that it is taking place. We must also be aware of the class dynamics and the sutdents' relationship with his or her parents.

I was the observer for Georock's microteaching session. Again, like bananasaviour, I feel that he is sensitive to the needs of his students. I felt that he has done well-- if he was nervous, it did not show. Just look out for your students' mischief, and don't leave them unattended and unoccupied when you need to attend to something else. :)


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