Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Poor Chris!

I'm sorry to say this, but I feel so sympathetic for male teachers now. :P When I was doing my school experience, one of the (needless to say, male) teachers attached to the school I was with for practicum also experienced the same kind of unwanted attention. But the magnitude was greater-- other teachers who were there on school experice or practicum teased him alot-- we told him that he needs to wear ten rings-- one on each finger to ward off ALL unwanted attention and to signal that he is no longer available (all ten fingers taken mah). Female students tried to take his picture while he was marking books during his relief lessons, and some even told him to his face that he was cute. But I thought that he was above board in the way he behaved-- he met his students in very visible areas of the school, and he did not pay undue attention to female students.

I think Chris shouldn't have told off Vintagegem's open declaration of affection in front ofthe whole class-- both he and the student will be teased endlessly, not just in this class, but maybe in all other classes too-- rumours travel fast. Perhapd it might be better to see her in the staff room or lounge, where you know other teachers might be present. Serously, if this kind of melodrama (fainting and whatnot) happened in my class, I also wouldn't know what to do.

Besides the melodrama, Chris' lesson also brought to the fore the difficulties of 1) defining hunger and malnourishment and 2) addressing the other issues related to them. I feel that the reading materials which he gave our group addresses malnourishment as a secondary issue, and may not relate that relevantly to the topic which he fleshed out for us. but for his defence, he didn't have to opportunity to flesh out much because -- well we were an Express class with Normal Technical behaviour.

But good job, Chris-- it was very brave of you to define a new topic and to try it out. :)


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