Saturday, October 15, 2005

Magnum Opus

Jenny ended our microteaching sessions with a painsakingly planned fieldtrip around NIE campus. Despite the uncooperative weather, we managed to get our butts off our comfortable seats and journey down to Nanyang Playhouse for an observation on weathering in Singapore. I feel that Jenny provided a creative way for us to work in groups (each one of us is to get part of a photograph backed with a certain colour, and we are to work together with classmates with the same colour). We were also required to suss out for ourselves the site depicted in the photograph that we've pieced together, and to organise our presentations of weathering at the site to our classmates.

However, this is where we fell short. Because we were unaware of how to use our imagination to answer the hints on weathering given at the back of our photographs with reference to the site, my group members spent a lot of time wondering what we were supposed to do. We were looking for rocks so that we could observe weathered materials, but all we could find were snails and pebbles. Also, we were trying to relate the hints given at the back of the photograph to the worksheet, so we spent a lot of the time being unproductive. I think it was also difficult for Jenny to issue instructions to all of us at the same time, because we were dispersed over a wide area. Perhaps she could have nominated a group leader so that he or she can relate instructions to members in their group.

We are getting very good at "misbehaving"-- and I think for the "fieldtrip", although the misbehaviour was not extraordinarly "good", it was compounded by the fact that we were out of class.Students are bolder as a result. Maybe Jenny can let a trusted student know where she wants to go, and let him or her guide the class to the spotwhile she stations herself at the end of the queue so that we would have less chance of absconding. I'll be the first to admit-- I absconded from Geography fieldtrip with the pathetic excuse of food pooisoning. :p Sorry!

But I think Jenny has done well despite the problems. I hope she is not too traumatised.

Now it's time for me to plod on with my work. :(


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