Sunday, October 23, 2005

Agricultural Game

I had to admit, I had a lot of fun. :) And I spied our tutor bent over with laughter-- i don't know who is having more fun-- us, or him. Our reactions during the game were priceless-- the only thing is that I don't ever want my students to find out about my wrong doings! Least the farmers think that everything is just hunky dory with the urban dwellers, they are wrong. We did a lot of despicable things, like "stun"ning cash from the President's teasury, evading taxes, and denying alliances. I found it difficult to lie without a pressing need to . As such, I found it hard to play this game with a straight face. I didn't know who to trust-- at first, I thought that the president and the Government Offical were so kind, taxing the peasants' harvest so that all urban dwellers need not worry about their food. Well, guess what? They decided to charge us an extorbitant price for rice as well as tax us. No point working for such people, I must say. :P

Also, I was supposed to work with spacematters to secure our survival. But I don't know which of his statements to trust. (So sorry!) I tried to barter with bananasaviour for rice and cash in exchange for water pump, but i was found out by Geognut. I think I died for 4 rounds. But i managed to secure cash and a warehouse during the last round, as a result of my fellow urban dwellers' carelessness ( I found them lying on the table or on the floor :P) . Hahahahaha! SO sorry. Perhaps scavenging is a better option than selling my soul in exchange for rice and cash.

I think I'll make a lousy businesswoman. I'll earn enough for my keep, but will never live to see my business expand and prosper. I'm better off as a farmer! if group dynaimcs meant anything, than I'm pretty sure this group of Geography teachers will stand firm on their ground-- everyone of us is so stubborn!


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