Saturday, September 10, 2005

"We are playing rock music"...

It was icydolphin's turn to microteach yesterday, and perhaps because Geognut was absent, the class went into riot mode to compensate(Geognut, are you listening?) . Even the usually quite students acted up. What i like about icydolphin's lesson was that we were given huge rock samples to touch and anaylse. In school, I doubt if all Geog depts are as well equiped. I egged ELzap to play "rock music" as well as to take back his confiscated ipod (sorry, sorry, icydolphin! :P). To Elzap's credit, he didn't want to do the things listed above at first (now I know that my classmates were such "gwai" students). I want to say that icydolphin's reaction time was very fast-- the moment she could hear music, she zoomed in on the correct table. And she was firm-- she made it clear to Elzap that he can't play the ipod because "the rest of the class cannot hear" her lesson; not because "I said so". So the individual's ownership of the lesson is made clear. Hmm, regarding Elzap taking back his ipod-- when Li Yan was giving us a lift to Boon Lay MRT, icydolphin said that she knew that the moment the ipod was gone, Elzap had taken it. She said that usually, when she confiscates expensive items she will keep them by her side, but because today, she not familiar with the layout of the class (we only do microteaching once), and she was nervous, so she forgot.

I feel that the some of the charateristics of rocks listed inside the worksheet icydolphin gave us were very subjective. For example, the worksheet asked us if the rock was "hard or soft" and whether it was "heavy or light". These are relative terms, and I feel that without standardised measuring instruments, the students will not have a clear understanding of what these terms require them to examine. For example, the students can be provided with a weighing scale to compare whether rock A is heavier than rock B, etc. Or icydolphin can tell students to scratch the surface of the rock with a 20 cent coin to test its hardness. If the rock is easily scratch, it is soft. Etc. But overall, i feel that the microteaching session on Friday was very well done. Thanks, icydolphin!


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Now we know who the mastermind is! =)

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