Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Call out his name, his class, and tell him to get out of your class!"

I actually said the above words on Friday during the debrief session when Kenneth asked what we'll do when a student becomes an "illegal squatter" in your class and refuses to get out. I'm sorry to say this, but I've experienced this quite often during my contract teaching and my school experience. The students will come over to another class if they know that 1) you are new to the school and do not know the students that you teach, 2) the principal/ Vice principal/ OM is not in school, or 3) it is a relief session in their class/ your class.

I'm also sorry to say this, but these students who squat illegally also have a history of discipline problems. They have a reputation in the staff room, and during my contract teaching, there is a discipline file you can acess on the school's LAN, euphemistically entitled, "Students Who Need Our Care and Concern". The good news is that these students with discipline problems are ok once you get to know them, and once they have settled whatever matters that are preoccupying their time and attention, their focus on school life and school work will return.


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